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    A collection of work by George Guajardo

  • The eye for the moment and the technical skills to execute!

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    Journalistic Work

    Moments of TRUE life.

    Candid or posed

    The Capturing of People.


    Engagement, Wedding, and PURE LOVE.

    Marketing and Product

    Photos that make your business stand out.

    Light Paintings and Experimental

    Creative Photography using light and camera settings.

  • Meet George

    And his family.

    George Guajardo

    Owner of George Ray Photography

    Hi, I am George! I picked up photography at the age of 15. In 2009 I completed my B.A. in Visual Journalism and since I have nearly 8 years of professional experience shooting for the entertainment, editorial, and business industry. I also have a list of happy and satisfied clientele that I had the pleasure of working with all year long. I hope I get a chance to meet you and work with you. I look forward to using my skills to bring you photography that you will be highly satisfied and blown away by.  

    George and His Family

    The inspiration behind it all!

    No matter how poor you think you are, if you have family you have everything you need! There is nothing more inspirational than working hard and doing what you love with my family,


    To the left main man (Oliver 2) Next to me my beautiful fiance and partner (Priscilla) And to the right my amazing daughter (Anberlyn)

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